Zen-Shiatsu Session – what to expect

A session lasts one hour, although a longer session time can be available if required or needed.

The frequency of treatment will vary from person to person, as will the number of sessions. All are discussed and decided between Julien and the person. From session to session, they will make decisions as regards which protocol is best suited and most efficient.

At the beginning of the session, Julien will take a case history. This is helpful to identify the needs and expectations of the person, and to bring a clearer focus to the treatment.

The treatment takes place on a comfortable futon (Japanese matress) at floor level. If this is not suitable, the treatment may be given on a massage table. During the treatment the person remains clothed. Julien requires that the person wears comfortable and loose clothing for the ease of the bodywork.

Julien may recommend exercises and stretches, and if appropriate suggestions on diet and lifestyle. They are all aimed to support the recovery and well-being of the person between sessions, and for the success of the ongoing treatments.