Zen-Shiatsu Therapy



People come for Zen-Shiatsu Therapy to get relief from pain and stress and to release tension held in the body. The focus of the treatment is to support and enhance the person’s immune system so as to recover a more balanced physical and mental health.

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About Zen-Shiatsu Therapy

Zen-Shiatsu is a hands-on body therapy. It has been referred to as “Japanese physiotherapy” for its successful release of tension and pain in muscles and joints alone. The pressure applied varies from light to deep, depending on the condition and the need of the person. Specific areas of the body such as acupressure points and energetic meridian lines are worked. Both support the overall treatment protocol towards a smooth movement of ‘Chi’ (energy), and to activate the body’s immune system. Other techniques used to release tension and pain include gentle physical manipulation such as Joint Mobilisation Technique, Sotai (Muscle Energy Technique), and simple stretches.

Oriental cultures, Chinese and Japanese, from which Zen-Shiatsu originates, root their approach to health in a free and balanced movement of energy around the body. They view this movement to affect body, mind and spirit/environment as one entity, which makes Zen-Shiatsu a holistic therapy. An imbalance or blockage of energy in one of these three spheres will show up with symptoms of tension, stress, pain and signs of illness. When left unattended these symptoms can develop into more serious illnesses and diseases.

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“Energy creates structure” is a fundamental fact recognised by science. Energy in its essence supports, holds, contains, travels, feeds, moves, transforms, creates, grows, communicates.

Julien is a Zen-Shiatsu Therapist and Accredited Zen-Shiatsu Teacher. He is a Registered and Accredited Member of the Shiatsu Society of Ireland. He is also a Panel Member of the Shiatsu Society.