Remedial Pilates

Julien often uses Pilates techniques to support his clients’ recovery of injuries due to postural misalignment and muscles imbalances. He includes Pilates exercises as part of his recommendations between Zen-Shiatsu sessions. Julien also offers a stand alone restorative program with remedial Pilates. Please see below for details.


This is a restorative movement program designed to help men and women of all ages affected by back pain and other injuries.

This program is most beneficial in the format of a one to one session where it can be specifically designed and attuned to the person’s personal needs, particularly around pace and intensity.


To restore mobility, stability, strength and flexibility of the back, pelvis, and whole body.
To re-educate and strengthen the core muscles to improve posture and regain balance.
To re-educate body mechanics and bring balance on both sides of the body.
To improve muscles efficiency.
To restore and maintain the range of movement in the joints.
To relieve stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders.
To develop breathing as a support system and to enhance relaxation.
To regain confidence and power in your back.

In some cases before undertaking a Pilates program Julien will advise you to receive the clearance of your medical professional, GP/Physiotherapist.