Gestalt Psychotherapy
& Zen-Shiatsu


Julien Joly is a Zen-Shiatsu Therapist, Gestalt Psychotherapist and a Remedial Pilates practitioner

His clinic is located in the heart of Galway and has been since 2001.

He works with each therapy individually and when appropriate, he may use elements of another for the most efficient rehabilitation of physical and mental health. With each approach, Julien offers his experience, knowledge, expertise to help his clients understand their issues (physical and psychological) and to give them the necessary support to be able to integrate the newness achieved in the sessions into their lives.

Since graduating in 2000, Julien has continued to deepen his learning about the relationship between body and mind and their inevitable interaction within their environment. His experience over many years in his practise of Zen-Shiatsu, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Remedial Pilates, has demonstrated, to him and his clients, that unless all aspects of the person are taken into accounts, integration of new patterns won’t fully manifest in the now. Symptoms may reappear at a later stage in either the same or a different part of the body-mind complex.

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Julien is an Accredited Zen-Shiatsu Teacher, Registered and Accredited Member, and a Panel Member of the Shiatsu Society of Ireland.

Julien is an Accredited Member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (MIAHIP).